Type of lenses

Monofocal lenses

The monofocal lenses are designed for the correction of simple visual defects (Myopia-Hyperopia-Astigmatism-Presbyopia) with a single dioptric power, able to allow a good vision for far or near.

The choice of lens is essential to obtain the best visual and aesthetic result.

Guide to choosing the lens.

The standard lenses are those already available in the manufacturer’s warehouses, they are slow with power and diameter limitations (sf + / – 4.00 Cyl +/- 2.00 Diameter 70 for the negative and 65 for the positive) clearly do not allow to be able to realize the best because of the limitations.

RX lenses of Construction are instead built specifically according to eye prescription and clearly not having any limitation allow you to get the best for both vision and aesthetics.

Example: If your prescription is simple (sf +2.00 cyl +1.00) you can easily select a standard lens. If instead you have a prescription of (sf +5.00 Cyl +2.00) it would be good to select a construction lens with appropriate index of refraction, in this way it will be possible to improve the aesthetics as we can build a small diameter lens and we can to significantly reduce the thickness of the lens.



By ordering a corrective eyewear for the distance, it is essential to indicate the distance between the pupils in the indicated field


Progressive lenses

Progressive / multifocal lenses integrate any type of correction (far vision, intermediate and for reading) in a single solution for all distances, using only one pair of glasses.



By ordering progressive corrective glasses, it is essential to indicate the interpupillary distance and the mounting height in the indicated fields, as shown in the side picture.

Akinių rėmelis

Progressive standard

Technologically advanced progressive lenses produced using the Free Form technology. These lenses have a standard and non-customizable design, with quite evident lateral aberrations. They are lenses of fair quality with really cheap price.

The red lines in the photo below indicate the areas of the lens that are not clear.

Progressive Top

They are customized progressive lenses of the highest quality and latest generation, they differ from the lenses with standard design, for lateral vision almost completely clear.


The red lines in the photo below indicate the areas of the lens that are not clear.

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