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All BOD lenses are produced digitally and individually. Therefore, you need not worry whether these lenses can fit into your favourite frame. Whether sunglasses, visors for cyclists, joiners, or other non-standard forms of spectacle frames. With customized lenses you will enjoy their excellent optical properties and the exclusive comfort afforded by the particular shape of frames selected for a specific activity.

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Transizions VII

This photochromic lens changes colour depending on the intensity of direct light, UV rays, and indirect light (reflections off buildings, cars, or other surfaces). The tint of the lens depends on the intensity of light, therefore they are also suitable to use as sunglasses.

•Initial tint is approximately 5%.

•Maximum tint ranges from 86% to 90%.

•Lenses begin to darken after only several seconds of contact with the light. The full process takes approximately 30 seconds.

•Once out of the sun, the lens becomes clear very quickly, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes.

•100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

•Protects from harmful reflections

Transizions XTRActive

This is our darkest photochromic lens, manufactured using a special tinting formula. As a result, these lenses are able to change colour without direct contact with UV rays, allowing them to adjust to levels of light also indoors. That is why it is a great choice for drivers.

•The intensity of the tinting in the lens depends on various environmental parameters, such as air temperature, strength of the dioptre, consistency of the windshield, and the sitting position of the driver.

•Inside the car, tint is 53% on average.

•It takes approximately 30 seconds to achieve maximum tinting.

•Maximum tint outdoors is up to 90%.

•Initial tint is approximately 8% and protect the eyes from fatigue caused by artificial light.

•100% protection from UVA and UVB rays

•Transitions XTRActive lenses are 17% darker than Transitions Signature VII.

Photochromic Solis

Solis are photochromic lenses that can quickly adapt to variations in intensity of daylight and UV rays by changing colour.

•Within 5 minutes, lens transparency returns to 70%;

•Exceptional clarity indoors

•Transparency at night up to 95%;

•Maximum outdoor tinting up to 85%;

•Well-balanced photochromic lenses for an affordable price

Polarised lenses NuPolar

Polarised lenses are manufactured using the most advanced production technology. They contain an internal polarising film that eliminates glare and provides non-stop protection from UV rays.  These lenses increase contrast, significantly enhancing visual clarity.

•Blocks glare

•Creates a contrasted, clear view

•100% protection from reflections and UV rays.

•Allows comfort and safety when driving or participating in outdoor activity.

•Recommended for children whose eyes are especially sensitive to glare and UV rays

Colored lenses

The main colors and standards are: brown, gray and green of various shades that include in the slow fields, extra work on request, via email.

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