Dati di montaggio lenti

for a correct assembly of the lenses

1° Step

Send us a photo of you front half-length
using a credit card or a fidelity card
that has the same size as credit cards.
Place the same as in the picture on the left
and send it through the “select file”

2° Step

The chosen eyewear will be placed on the client’s face and processed.
Then the measures will be taken
for mounting lenses:

  • Interpupillary distance PD with half-lengths.
  • Mounting height (minimum fit-in)
  • Lens channel height (for multifocal / progressive lenses)

The final result

PD= 62 mm  ODX 31 mm OSX 31 mm

Pupil height= ODX 27,10 mm  OSX 29.30 mm

All lenses mounting data are ready for:

Single vision-Bifocal or Multifocal / Progressive.

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